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A managed IT service provider can bring great value to your business provided you are spot on in identifying their skills, processes, and resources. While it is easy to get misled by the glitter, it’s important not tobecause the success of your company is intertwined with the capabilities of your chosen service provider.

At getSmartcoders, we offer you all that you need to assess the quality of amanaged IT company on a platter. We provide you with a glimpse into our skills, the technologies we bank upon, our ITIL standard practices, our global service delivery models, our training programs, our certifications, and our past projects, to let you know why we are the best fit for your requirements.

Glimpse of Work

GetSmartCoders delivered award winning projects for more than 45 diverse industries.

  • Cloud Hosting &
  • Network Administration & Security
  • IT Consulting
  • IT Infrastructure Management
  • E-Mail & Ticketing Support
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Application & Server Consolidation
  • Performance Engineering
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Server Management
  • Hosted Virtual Network
  • Migration & Upgrades
  • Network Monitoring
  • IT Help Desk

End to End Managed IT Services

Our managed IT support servicesare proactive by nature and designed to conduct maintenance, monitor systems, resolve issues, and perform upgrades on a consistent basis. As a leading managed IT service provider, we take sole responsibility of keeping your system up and running at all times. Our experts have excellent command over the latest technologies and combine it with industry-proven processes to deliver top-notch services on a consistent basis.

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Our Implementation Process for Managed IT Services

We have a tried and tested process in place to provide managed IT solutions that meet your expectations.

It consists of the following 6 steps:

01 Analysis of

Our experts work closely with you to gather and analyze your managed IT service requirements, scope, and overall objectives. We identify the key milestones that have to be reached and highlight the KPIs we will use to measure the success of the project. Based on this information, we will then prepare a final blueprint of the project.

02 Design

Our team of experts will design a customized portfolio containing all the managed IT services that are to be delivered. We will design schemas and interfaces that are easy to use and document system and hardware architecture so that any issues that arise can be easily identified and dealt with in the future.

03 Strategy &

We go through the different components of the architecture that will be needed during the implementation of the managed IT services and come up with strategies for best deployment. We also appoint a dedicated IT manager to manage the operations and implementation of the new technologies.

04 Support &

Our team consistently updates the system architecture with new bug fixes and software and hardware upgrades. We also perform system diagnostics to determine whether the IT infrastructure implemented is working as desired. Finally, our experts use complex analytics tomonitor the system so that any issues that might arise in the future are immediately nipped in the bud.

05 Optimization & Implementation

It is at this stage that the upgraded IT infrastructure and system is deployed, and the managed services are monitored at our end. Our experts identify redundant processes and tasks to optimize the IT infrastructure and implement new technologies to keep the system aligned with the latest practices. We also scrutinize the servers for consistent and efficient performance.

06 Network Monitoring

We configure remote management software to continuously monitor workstations, servers, and other network devices via alerts. We also leverage security updates, patch management, and reporting tools to support our managed IT solutions. Moreover, we handle auditing, complaints, and ticketing through a central console and continuously monitor reporting and performance.

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Industries We Serve

Over the years, we have helped a number of industries make use of our specialized Android mobile application development services to develop apps that meet their objective of promoting their business and capturing market share.

Some of the industries we have servedas a premium Android app development company include:

Education &
Retail & E-Commerce
Travel & Tourism
Media &
Finance & Banking
Food & Drink
Transportation &
Social Networking
Oil & Gas

We Leverage

  • OFFICE 365
  • IIS
  • UNIX
  • JAVA

Key Benefits of Outsourcing Managed IT Services

By outsourcing managed IT services, enterprises across the board have been able to reap the benefits of IT support at a significantly lower cost as compared to that incurred upon creating a similar team in-house. Here are just a few of the benefits that you can expect to receive when you choose to work with getSmartcoders, instead of other IT managed services companies:

Data Security

Unlike other IT managed services companies,ourIT specialists use data-at-rest encryption capabilities to ensure that your data remains secure at all times so that no security breaches or leaks occur. They also leverage privileged user access controls to protect organizations against unauthorized access and misuse of sensitive information.


Conventional businesses incur greater infrastructural costs and additional training and payroll expenses when faced with growing business volumes. Unlike other IT managed services companies, getSmartcoders offers a flexible model for hiring additional resources to help meet business volumes the moment you need it or downsize as required. You decide when to scale your resources without any fixed commitments.

Risk Management

getSmartcoders can minimize the inherent risk involved in your business by contributing our own proprietary methodologies to your IT infrastructure. We assume and manage risks for your business with our industry-specific knowledge around compliance issues. We also advise you on how to avoid risks in your domain of expertise as your trusted managed IT service provider.

Service Disruptions

Oftentimes, mission-critical applications rely on multiple technologies. These technologies need to be fully integrated and operational to achieve the desired performance levels. getSmartcoders can ensure that all IT component applications are available and are up and running at the same time to maximize uptime and prevent service interruptions.

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Our Managed IT Services Hiring Models

Our managed IT services experts are well-equipped to understand your requirements given how many successful projects we have delivered in the past for industries of all sizes. They come with excellent industry knowledge and they work to ensure that your managed IT service delivery is seamless and thorough. They are available to work on your requirements in several capacities:

Part time

Full time


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